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To contact us and the Priceology Ltd team regarding any matter, please use the form on this page. Alternatively, please email us using A member of the team will respond as soon as possible to all enquires.

Telephone: 0845 040 6398

Address: 61 Gibfield Park Avenue, Atherton, Manchester, M46 0SY, United Kingdom

Business Hours: 9am-5:30pm Mon-Thur

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How can I arrange a demo?
Simply contact us via the form above or email

State the time that a call back would be convenient and we’ll get in touch with you to arrange a demo, we may ask you a few questions so we can tailor the experience to your needs and make sure you get the very best advise on how to proceed.

Is Priceology right for me?
If your an online retailer who isn’t currently automating their product re-pricing several times a day, then the answer is likely yes! Send us an email to and give us a little information about your company, and a convenient time to discuss the benefits we could bring your business.
What is Priceology?
Priceology dynamic pricing software helps online retailers make intelligent pricing decisions across their entire product range.

Our feature rich platform is designed to work effectively for e-commerce websites and online market places including Amazon and eBay.

Use our rules based algorithms to price your products within your optimum margin range whilst achieving your desired level of competitiveness against your competitors. And because you can automate the whole process, you can drastically reduce the amount of time that your team spend manually pricing products.

E-commerce retailers collect a huge amount of data but being able to understand this data and use it in a meaningful way can often be a challenge. Priceology allows you to view your data within our clever dashboards and customisable reports thus helping you make the right decisions about your pricing strategy.

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